We believe that the integrity of our judging community should be exemplary. We have chosen the best and our entrants deserve the best.
Any case of breach of this Code of Conduct will be considered by the awards management team and any action they decide to take will be deemed as final.
Sanctions may include complete removal from the judging role, discounting of individual results for a category, or any penalty incurred through breach of the Code of Conduct.
All Awards Judges will be bound by the terms of the Tech Trailblazers Code of Conduct detailed below:

1. Confidentiality: Judges undertake to maintain the confidentiality of their role with respect to the identity of applicants and the marks awarded.
2. Integrity: Judges should act honestly and impartially when undertaking their Tech Trailblazers judging role.
3. Conflict of interest: Any Judge must notify the Awards Administrator immediately when he or she becomes aware of any potential, real, or perceived conflict of interest. This may include any previous professional or personal relationship between the Judge and an applicant, or the organisation of an applicant.
4. Communication: In order to provide transparency, traceability and clarity of communication, any correspondence pertaining to the Tech Trailblazers awards to fellow judges should be in writing, with a member of the Tech Trailblazers management team and head of the judging panel in CC or via the Podio system. This is important in association with point 1 above and to ensure impartiality in the judging process.
5. Promptness: The dates for submission of feedback will be published and Judges undertake to comply with these dates. In case of difficulty, Judges will notify the Awards Administrator immediately when this becomes apparent.
6. Obligations: Judges undertake to provide not only marks, but also anonymized feedback for applicants. A template for feedback will be provided.