Big Data Trailblazers Award


Verdigris Technologies


Verdigris Technologies won the 2012 Tech Trailblazer Big Data Awards for it’s Energy.AI application, enabling companies to see EVERY electrical appliance in your building, from the biggest heat pump to the smallest iPhone charger, in real time, helping to make big data green.

Data collected by Energy.AI is meaningful to users, utilities, appliance manufacturers, energy service providers. Granular, real-time information drives decision marking and can influence behavior. Actionable information and real-time alerting can be integrated with building management systems, automated controls, and demand response platforms.


Runners up:


@gooddata  |  |  USA

MapR Technologies

@mapr  |  |  USA

Cloud Trailblazers Award





SaaSID was founded in 2011 to help organisations address the productivity, security and compliance issues associated with web application use, bring your own device (BYOD) strategies and the consumerisation of IT in the workplace.

Our solution, SaasID Cloud Application Manager (CAM), enables authentication, management and auditing of web applications. This allows organisations to reduce user administration effort; prevent application misuse and meet audit requirements, while gaining all the productivity, scalability and cost benefits of using cloud-based applications.

Runners Up:


@CloudLock  |  |  USA

Tiatros Inc.

@Tiatros  |  |  USA

Emerging Markets Trailblazers Award




CloudByte’s next generation storage solution redefines storage endpoints in terms of IOPS, throughput, latency and capacity – compared to legacy solutions’ capacity-defined endpoints. This enables CloudByte to deliver tailored storage performance to all applications within shared storage, eliminating the need for dedicating physical storage for any application. Together with linear scalability, admins can now replace fragmented storage in their datacenters with a single extensible shared storage platform. Besides the significant cost savings, this also makes storage incredibly easy to provision (delivered on-demand), monitor (with granular analytics) and manage (from a single web-based console).

Runners Up:


@abcdexperts  |  |  Costa Rica

Chalet Tech

@chalettech  |  |  Taiwan

Mobile Trailblazers Award


Moasis Global LLC



Consumers may think globally, but they act locally — spending 80% of their discretionary income within 10 miles of home. Moasis Global helps advertisers and publishers capitalize on local spending by bringing intelligence and precision targeting to the hyper-local advertising space.

Our proprietary Moasis Geo-GridTM uses a fixed mapping system to deliver ads and content within precise geographic parameters. Locations within the grid – “cells” – amass data (a Moasis Geo-Persona) on consumer behaviors there. As consumers interact with ads fueled by Moasis, we learn what they prefer, in what location, and what they like. By better understanding consumers’ interest in what they are doing and thinking in that exact location, Moasis makes targeting consumers easier and more profitable over time.

Runners up:


@genwi  |  |  USA

Mezeo Software

@mezeo  |  |  USA

Networking Trailblazers Award




Aryaka is the world’s first cloud-based WAN optimization company solving application and network performance issues faced by the distributed enterprise.

Aryaka eliminates the need for expensive and complex appliances as well as long-haul connectivity, and enhances collaboration across locations. It offers significant cost, ease-of-use and performance advantages, helping global companies achieve dramatic productivity gains and increased visibility into their WAN applications, locations and performance, while providing 24/7 world-class support.

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@embrane  |  |  USA

Security Trailblazers Award


VentiSys Technology Ltd


Following the rapid evolution of smart devices and super powerful processing notebooks, an Industry trend has emerged called the “consumerization of I.T” or (BYOD) Bring your own device.

Oudles Vault ring fences corporate data on these devices. It allows the corporation retain control and audit-ability of corporate data onboard. It allows the corporation to wipe only the corporate data beyond forensic recovery with or without a live connection to the device. Following this, the corporation can then generate “proof of data integrity compliance reports,” which have been developed in consultation with the Irish Office of Data Protection, deeming the reports “sufficient for verification purposes.” Finally the corporation can perform secure data restorations to the same or a replacement device, via integrated encrypted cloud based back ups.

Runners Up:

Chalet Tech

@chalettech  |  |  Taiwan


@vaultive  |  |  USA

Storage Trailblazers Award


Smart Storage Systems



SMART Storage Systems’ Guardian Technology Platform, a proprietary suite of enterprise features and endurance enhancement technologies, allows the company’s Optimus SSDs to support up to 50 full drive writes per day for five years while using consumer-grade MLC flash, overcoming enterprise endurance concerns. The Optimus SSD performs at sustained read/write speeds of 1GB/s in dual-port operation, and 100K/60K IOPS, in a single drive that achieves the industry’s highest capacity of up to 1.6TB. This unheard-of combination meets the endurance and reliability requirements of enterprise organizations and tier-one OEMs, while also providing the performance and capacity needed for use in all storage tiers.

Runners Up:


@actifio  |  |  USA

SolidFire Inc

@solidfire  |  |  USA

Sustainable IT Trailblazers Award




Iceotope’s technology blends IT and mechanical engineering to solve some of the most pressing challenges that today’s data centre operators face.  Iceotope’s patented liquid cooling system is the only one of its kind in the world and is capable of changing the entire IT industry as we know it today.  Its technology is not just innovative, it could prove extremely disruptive, forcing the market to rethink data centres all together.

Runners Up:


@greenqloud  |  |  Iceland

Sustainable IT

@sustainableIT  |  |  South Africa

Virtualization Trailblazers Award


GreenBytes Inc.


GreenBytes’ purpose-built IO Offload Engine is the industry’s only integrated platform to enable vendor-agnostic, cloud-scale VDI deployments. The IO Offload Engine delivers unprecedented enterprise-scale VDI performance to meet the most demanding use cases while enabling organizations to minimize costs, deliver custom per-session settings, all while retaining their existing architectures.

Runners Up:

Nutanix Inc

@nutanix  |  |  USA


@zertocorp  |  |  USA